Who Are The Clubhouse?

a brief history of our bar

Owners Sam and Annie have a passion for sport. It's that love that connected them years ago. Previously owning a smaller sports bar, they hoped to improve on it and create a space for avid sports lovers. This, they achieved with The Clubhouse Sports Bar Rawai.

Sam strives to please patrons with presenting them with the sport they desire. The Clientele can watch their selected sport in a solitary space or enjoy rivalry and camaraderie with the bigger games, all whilst having attentive staff, who you'll catch gazing up at the screens.

The couple also wanted to achieve a great dining vibe by now having an amazing Western Chef and Great Thai Chefs. They couldn't be happier with this wonderful space! Hope to see you one day and may the Best Team Win!


Hi I'm Sam. I've travelled a bit and loved nothing better than to find a place that I could sit down with great company and enjoy sports in.  This drove me to create a space for sports lovers that I'd be proud of. Such a change from my previous vocation. Was it hard work? Absolutely! Took a lot of effort and time to build the team, the contacts and the space. I do get told that I've done a wonderful job and that brings me joy! Rawai is an amazing little community and we do try to support each other!

You'll find me searching endlessly to find random sports on request as I enjoy pleasing the patrons. I am grateful to the team as somedays we are put under the pump with hundreds attending sporting events! We do it! Proud to say, we've had great times and happy customers.


Hello, I'm Annie and clearly I love my sports. Initially involved with the rebuild and improvements, the tasks paid off! Many trips around the island sourcing, searching and building! I'm in the background doing the I.T. advertising (accounts up until recently) and now webpage updates etc. But, those that know me from the bar will know me for my customer relations, enjoying time and welcoming the clientele. Always mothering, I wanted to know and understand people, their background, family and life in general. Must say we do become an extended family. Parties became a success with the many themes I would present. I'd be the one who walks around making sure the breeze from the fan is on the customer, the drinks are being served promptly, and as i said being a mother to all. Smiling patrons, best feeling!

Orr - Bar Manager

Hello my name is Orr and I manage the Clubhouse! I've been with Sam and Annie for many years and have loved the atmosphere following them from the old bar to the new. They've even got me hooked on Aussie sport, so I,m enjoying AFL. I'm holding a World Cup Prize which was part of a super huge event. Come say Hi and enjoy the sport of your choice as well as an ice cold BEER!


Hello my name is Pum. I also have followed Sam and Annie from the old bar to the new. I am glad to see so many regular customers here and they become my friends. I've learnt alot of English and am a little bit of a jokester. Always ready for a laugh.


Hello my name is Fang. I worked for Sam and Annie previously and was delighted to have the opportunity again. I am a bit of a fashionista and love to present myself well. I am definately hard working and Cheerful. Do pop in and say hello.

Joe and Kwan

Joe (2nd from left)
Kwan (3rd from left)

We have both new to working for Sam and Annie. I, Joe, work in the kitchen and am able to produce both Thai and Western dishes. I, Kwan and known for my cocktails. Kwan the cocktail queen makes for a great title.

Kim - Head Chef

Hello my name is Kim. I've been in the industry for many years! I pride myself on a well organized kitchen and am fortunate that the Clubhouse has an amazing commercial setup. Am a stickler for cleanliness and presentation is a must. Fresh produce allows me to prepare sensational dishes for your delight!  Bread made on premises as well as decadent desserts daily, allow you, the customer, to know that its quality! Many regulars return for their favorites weekly! Come enjoy your dining experience, whether Western or Thai.

Jeab and Nan

Hello my name is Jep and I'm 2nd from the left. Many sports keep me busy at the Clubhouse which I enjoy. I speak English quite well which helps when communicating with westerners. Hi I'm Nan and you'll find me in the kitchen preparing delicious Western and Thai dishes. I'm 3rd from the left and look forward to satisfying your taste buds.

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